My critique

This class really pull me out of my element and i think that was the main goal. I have always wanted to take a photography, I was really happy with the outcome. The assignments i really liked was the first Ways to See and the studio shoot. The first photo shoot assignment, we were asked to just go out to the campus and just shoot, and that was when i started to get comfortable shooting. I was not told exactly how to shoot, it was total freedom to shoot whatever for an hour and really like my pictures in the outcome. For the studio shoot, it was fun having to work with the studio lights and everyone wrestling to get a picture. For the assignment i did not like was the photoshoot challenge because i was not happy with my pictures. I honestly just wanted to get it over with and felt uncomfortable getting outside my bubble and ask strangers for pictures. What i would have done differently is talk to those who agreed to take a photo because my photos looked very stiff, and if i have made them comfortable then they would have shown it in the photos. What i would have liked more in class is to learn more about photoshop. It felt as if mostly we used lightroom instead of photoshop, and I learn better when im in class and the teacher is showing me rather than online tutorials. Other than that, it was a very fun class with fun assignment that does let you get out of your safety zone. I loved it and loved the teacher, who was very laid back and always there to help when needed.



It is truly amazing how much work is put in the types of fonts. Watching this film, I have noticed this font everywhere around me and agree with the people in the film that it is probably the best fonts out there. When it comes to selling, simplicity is key and that is what this font represents. I never really pay much attention to fonts, only the product it is selling, therefore watching this film was really eye opening. I get to see the foundation of making this font and that is has been in works for years, and not in America but in Switzerland. I really loved the film, i get to see the behind scenes of the making of the font Helvetica, it was known as a different name in Switzerland. Also, get to see why the sellers use the font and what is so great about it. I actually really love this font because i like simple things, and with this font it does not dry too much attention and lets its product do its work, which is the key in the end. Now that i have seen this film, I will be more aware of fonts all around me and see how it great it sells the product. It truly is everywhere around us and keeps growing.


I want to be a teacher, it is what i always wanted to be since i was a little girl. I want to educate the kids of tomorrow. I want to lead them to their bright future. In order to lead the kids of tomorrow, I need my motivation. My family have always motivated me to never give up even when times are tough, to keep going and keep pushing. Both Malala Yousafzai and Walt Disney have showed me to also never give up on your dreams, they both got rejected from completing what they believe in and now they are a well known symbol of bravery and determination. My current job has tested my abilities and has reminded me that it is going to be hard to do complete your dream but with practice you will get better and excel in it. My motivation to keep going when times are tough is my family, Malala Yousafzai and Walt Disney, and my current job.

Both of my parents have motivated to do well in my career in different ways. My dad came to America in the 80s with barely any money in his pocket, he come to America to get the opportunity he would not receive in his homeland, El Salvador. Today, my dad provides for my mother, my sister, and myself. With barely any money in his pocket, he came a long way of hard work and determination. He taught me that there will be days when I want to give up because it is too hard but never lose sight of who i want to be. He showed me what hard work is and now he is paying for the education of my sister and me so we can pursue our dreams. My mother taught me how to be patient with life. My mother has lived a tough life back in her home in Mexico and has been rejected to pursue her career in America, but with all the rejection my mother still had faith. It is hard to patient when you want what your heart desires right away, but with my mother’s lesson, she taught me to take life as it is, my dream will soon be there in the future. Both my parents taught me how to pursue hard work and to be patient with life, lessons that will always keep close to heart.

Malala Yousafzai and Walt Disney have both been rejected to pursue their dreams continuously, but they continued on fighting and pursuing. Malala Yousafzai is a young activist of women’s education. In her homeland, Pakistan, taliban have made it hard for women to get their education by banning girls from going to school. Yousafzai would not stand for this, therefore she started a movement for women’s education. Her movement turned international until her name was very well known, so well known that the taliban men have also heard of her movement. One day while she was on the bus, a taliban shot her in her forehead, hoping that her movement would end but it did not. After recovering from the shot, the assassination only made her more famous not just in Pakistan, but the whole world. She spoke at the United Nation headquarters and was the youngest to ever be nominated for the Nobel Prize. Today, she continues on fighting for human rights. Walt Disney is a very well known throughout the world. He co-founded the Disney Company, a company that has four theme parks throughout the world, college programs, various stores around the world, make children movies, and so much more. When he inherited this company, it was not easy. He was fired from a local newspaper because he lacked imagination, and was rejected by so many federal loans for his theme parks. Disney kept pushing and now he owns a billion dollar company. Both Malala Yousafzai and Walt Disney have experienced rejection and pain from accomplishing their dreams, but they did not stumble and fall, instead they stood up with their head up high and continue on doing what they love.

When I first worked with children, it was not what i expected it to be. Before my YMCA job, I have never worked with children previously. My YMCA job was an after school program at an elementary school, and each staff would have a group of 15 kids and it is our job to help them with their homework and come up with activities for them to do. Coming into the job, I had no idea what to expect and was terrified how it was going to plan out. The first month was very hard. I had some children that would cause trouble and would not know how to handle it, they would not like the activities i planned, and it would be difficult to have the children settle down after freeplay. There were times i wanted to quit because I would come home unhappy on how i handle a situation and would be confused why this was so hard for me. As time went by, it has got a lot easier. I started to understand and get to really know my kids, and how to control a situation that has got out of hand. Now, I work at a different aftercare program at a charter school, I’ve taken all the lessons I’ve learned from my YMCA job and come to realized that i still have got a lot to learn. Im working at a completely different settings and different children, and, at times, it is hard but thanks to my last job I’ve come to realize that soon it will get easier and soon will have a new set of experience with me. My job has taught me that there are going to be times when I want to give up but, it will get easier as long I keep pushing and keep going.

My inspiration comes with different lessons. My parents have taught me that hard work and patience can motivate me to do great at school as I prepare for my career. Malala Yousafzai and Walt Disney have both taught me that there would come a time in my life that i would be rejected, more than once, when pursuing my dream but don’t let that stop me, keep pushing and keep going. Finally, my job has taught me how difficult it’s going to be at first, and there will come a time when i want to quit, but don’t let that stop me because then I would not learn from the experience and continue on pursuing. All different motivators that are inspiring me to continue on doing what I love, to continue on pursuing what I’ve wanted to do since i was a little girl, to continue on.

Three Artists


Christopher Anderson: What i love about this picture is that it has an old/vintage feeling to it. The apartment looks worn out and a big mess, basically, but the apartment is not the star of the show, nor is the women in her panties on the bed, but the window showing the big city. I like how he captured the good and the bad, hence the bad being the apartment and the good being the great view. It gives you hope that even in a bad situation there is something to great from it.


Gina Beavers: Her paintings make me hungry. They are entirely of food and consist of so much detail that i had to double take and see if it was actually a painting not a photo. The article states that Beavers was not afraid to put a heavy hand on the paint, unlike other artists, and i applause her for it. I believe that her increased on the paint makes the paintings come more alive and looks real. Her paintings is an art that i can stare for hours and wonder how she made it look so real.


Claes Oldenburg: Im not a big fan of sculpture art because it seems to me that they all look the same. All gray, or bronze, of a great hero, but Oldenburg changes the rules of sculpture art. He would put sculptures of an eaten apple, ice cream, a spoon with a cherry on top, a person swimming, and many more. I want to see more sculptures like these everywhere around the world, I am tired of looking at the same style of grey sculptures, they should be more open and no be afraid to stand out.

Midsemester Quiz

1. A camera is a device for recording visual images in the form of photographs, film, or video signals.

2. Depth of field is when you try to give more contrast to a photo. If a photo is lacking light, you edit more brightness/exposure in it.

3. Format, distance to subject, repeating forms, rule of thirds, framing leading lines, contrast, worms view, birds view.

4. In a low light, your iso should be high 200. If you go to high in iso, the photo would become too overexposed, the film would be too sensitive.

5. Aperture is when the iso is on low. Shutter mode is when the light goes through the camera.

6. Crop, clone, red eye, graduated filter, radio filter, and brush.

7. Lightroom:

On the left side, it says B&W presets and it shows different kind of modes for black and white.

In Develop, there are categories color and black and white. Click on black and white and you can be more free in deciding your settings unlike b&w presets.


Filter, click camera raw filter, preview icon, and decrease saturation all the way. It would give you a black and white photo.

8. Street photography is when you take pictures of an everyday life. In photoshop, the background and lighting is provided for you. In street photography, you have to provide your own background and style based on what you have in front of you.


10. Richard Aredan was best known as a fashion photographer, later on in his career he sticked with portrait photography, not all models.

Ansel Adams


When i first saw Ansel Adams work I was surprised that it was from the 1900s. Nowadays, we dont see photography from that time, mostly there are from the 60s to modern time. Ansel Adams is famous for his black and white photos of the wildlife. His photography proves to us that when it comes to landscape, it does not have to be black and white. He still captures the essence of the nature without having color to distract us.

He was born in San Francisco on 1908. After the devastated earthquake, Adams separated himself from society. Today, his illness would be considered dyslexic. At a young age, he fell in love with music and devoted  his time to the piano. When he was 14, his family took a vacation to the Sierra Nevada which began his love for wildlife. Since his vacation to the valley, Adams wanted to capture the spirit of the wildlife therefore he taught himself how to become a great photographer. From then on, he balanced his two loves; music and the valley. When he was in San Francisco, he would devote himself to the piano and when summer came around he went to the valley to shoot photos.

I love how Ansel Adams captures the wildlife in a black and white setting. In todays society, we hardly see great black and white photos as opposed to color. Photography in color would tell the story better than black and white, but Adams proves that wrong. Even with black and white, he still demonstrates the excellence in landscape photography.